Baker,Samuel E

Institution: National Center for Environmental Health, Division of Laboratory Sciences, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4770 Buford Highway, M/S F-17, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA

Top Collaborators: Gallo A, Adney WS, Bruno KS, Beckham GT, Solfrizzo M, Brunecky R, Perrone G, Himmel ME, Mulè G, Decker SR, Visconti A, Ju X, Atanasova L, Zhang X, Knox BP, Kubicek CP, Druzhinina IS, Bishop AM, Dai Z, Fernández C

Research Interests: Gene, Aspergillus, Genes, Knowledge, Strain, Production, Trichoderma, Agar, Asparagine, Cellulose, Calibration, Chromatography, Concentration, Concentrations, Human, Limit Of Detection, Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Measure, Quality Control