Bajorin,D F

Institution: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Joan and Sanford Weill Medical College of Cornell University, USA

Top Collaborators: Milowsky MI, Riches J, Gallagher DJ, Trout A, Apolo AB, Boyle MG, Ostrovnaya I, Iasonos A, Regazzi A, Ishill N, Gerst SR, Flaherty AM, Iyer G, Maluf FC, Dalbagni G, Camacho LH, Regazzi AM, Donat MS, Chiorean EG, Offit K

Research Interests: Patients, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Platinum, Cisplatin, Carcinoma, Treatment, Risk, Biomarkers, Tumor, Cell, Survival, Bladder, Bladder Cancer, Disease, Understanding, D-glucose, Fluorine, Blood, Cells