Institution: Université d'Auvergne, France

Top Collaborators: Mirand A, Henquell C, Peigue-lafeuille H, Schuffenecker I, Billaud G, Archimbaud C, Lina B, Chomel JJ, Mahul A, Antona D, Riachi G, Odent-malaure H, Guglielmini J, Saoudin H, Garraud O, Verbeeck J, Coppere H, Izopet J, Thibault V, André E

Research Interests: Enterovirus, Epidemic, History, Human, Human Enterovirus 71, Phylogeny, Strains, Capsid, Capsid Protein, Confidence Interval, Disease, Epidemics, Foot, Foot And Mouth Disease, Hand, Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease, Minor, Mouth, Mouth Disease, Neurological Manifestations