Bae,Yong Mock

Institution: Pusan National University School of Medicine and Medical Research Institute, Korea

Top Collaborators: Kang DH, Kim HW, Choi CW, Kim DU, Choi MH, Hong ST, Noh HJ, Kim JG, Park SW, Kim ID, Kim B, Hwang JH, Cho H, Eum JS, Kim YW, Chung CU, Park SB, Park KT, Kim S, Jeung EJ

Research Interests: Cells, Treatment, Cell, Cell Line, Cholangiocarcinoma, Clonorchis Sinensis, Fluke, Liver, Liver Fluke, Patients, Stent, Tumor, Regulation, Tyrosine, Apoptosis, Bile, Bile Duct, Cancer, Carcinoma, Chemotherapy