Institution: Department of Chemistry, Federal Center of Technological Education of Minas Gerais, MG 30421-167, Brazil

Top Collaborators: Alves JO, Alves JDE O, Botelho BG, Neto WB, Sena MM, Mitsutake H, Alves PS, Fioravante IA, Albergaria B, Teodoro TS, Starling Magalhães SM, Barbosa F, De Souza PP, Resende AM, Badotti F, Gomes FDE C, Catharino RR, Eberlin MN

Research Interests: Mass Spectrometry, Spectrometry, Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Olive, Procedure, Ions, Clustering, Pca, Principal Component Analysis, Treatment, Cell, Cells, Concentration, Culture, Cyanobacteria, Growth, Hormone, Lakes, Membrane, Microcystis