Atkinson,Peter W

Institution: University of California, USA

Top Collaborators: Hice RH, Wright JA, Smith RC, Craig NL, Arensburger P, Campbell CL, Hill SR, Puiu D, White O, Raikhel AS, Stosic CD, Campbell KS, Howarth C, Qi Y, White JR, Zhou L, Pilitt K, Casola C, Ignell R, Ranson H

Research Interests: Aedes, Mosquito, Transposase, Elements, Transposable Element, Insect, Genes, Drosophila, Drosophila Melanogaster, Genome, Transposable Elements, Ability, Family, Humans, Lead, Joints, Recombination, V(d)j Recombination, Germ Line, Human
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