Atamas,Sergei P

Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine, N/A

Top Collaborators: Luzina IG, Todd NW, Lockatell V, Hasday JD, Keegan AD, Kang PH, Kopach P, Lavania S, Pickering EM, Choi J, Hummers LK, Papadimitriou JC, Mckenzie AN, Park MH, Heller NM, Iacono AT, Rook GA, Franks TJ, Shea-donohue T, Galvin JR

Research Interests: Il-4, Cells, Disease, Lungs, Gene, Patients, Cytokines, Lymphocytes, Mouse, Regulation, Collagen, Diseases, Lung, Isoforms, Cell, Fibrosis, Lung Disease, Pulmonary Diseases, T Cells, Transforming Growth Factor