Atamas,Sergei P

Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine, N/A

Top Collaborators: Luzina IG, Todd NW, Lockatell V, Hasday JD, Keegan AD, Kang PH, Pickering EM, Kopach P, Lavania S, Park MH, Heller NM, Iacono AT, Rook GA, Franks TJ, Shea-donohue T, Galvin JR, Nagarsekar A, Jeudy J, Burke AP, Britt EJ

Research Interests: Il-4, Cells, Disease, Lungs, Gene, Patients, Cytokines, Lymphocytes, Mouse, Regulation, Collagen, Diseases, Lung, Isoforms, Cell, Fibrosis, Lung Disease, Pulmonary Diseases, T Cells, Transforming Growth Factor