Institution: National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Top Collaborators: Latif R, Lodhi GM, Hameed W, Piper HM, Tillmanns H, Noll T, Ahsin S, Saleem S, Bhatti AM, Sheikh AA, Iles RK, Checkley S, Gündüz D, Avery B, Thom J, Chalmers G, Hussain I, Bohaychuk V, López D, Boerlin P

Research Interests: Calcium, Gold, Silica, Acupoints, Acupuncture, Acupuncture Analgesia, Analgesia, Beta-endorphin, Biomarkers, Blood, Chinese, Chronic Pain, Cortisol, Depression, Endorphin, Hormone, Knee, Knees, Medicine, Needles