Institution: National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Top Collaborators: Latif R, Lodhi GM, Hameed W, Thom J, Chalmers G, Hussain I, Bohaychuk V, López D, Boerlin P, Härtel FV, Reid-smith R, Erdogan A, Tyagi H, Mohapatra J, Grebe M, Kushwaha A, Sedding D, Piper HM, Tillmanns H, Noll T

Research Interests: Calcium, Gold, Silica, Acupoints, Acupuncture, Acupuncture Analgesia, Analgesia, Beta-endorphin, Biomarkers, Blood, Chinese, Chronic Pain, Cortisol, Depression, Endorphin, Hormone, Knee, Knees, Medicine, Needles