Institution: Côte d'Or Breast and Gynaecological Cancers Registry, Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer Georges-François Leclerc, Dijon, France

Top Collaborators: Poillot ML, Dabakuyo TS, Gentil J, Ouédraogo S, Dancourt V, Roignot P, Chauvin F, Bonnetain F, Dejardin O, Dialla PO, Marilier S, Darut-jouve A, Quipourt V, Hamidou Z, Dabakuyo-yonli TS, Causeret S, Roussot A, Pornet C, Sarlin N, Arnould L

Research Interests: Cancer, Breast, Breast Cancer, Survival, Aged, Patients, Screening, Women, Population, Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, Family, Family Characteristics, Joint, Mammography, Multivariate Analyses, Treatments, Ovarian Cancer, Logit Models, Lost To Follow-up