Institution: Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, Université Libre de Bruxelles, CP 160/12 50, av. F.D. Roosevelt, 1050, Brussels, Belgium

Top Collaborators: Leniaud L, Darras H, Fournier D, Thurin N, Eyer PA, Tindo M, Kenne M, Mbenoun Masse PS, Van Bossche V, De Coninck E, Boulay R, De Biseau JC, Cournault L, Sery N, Guimbretiere R

Research Interests: Ant, Ants, Insects, Parthenogenesis, Biodiversity, Genetic Diversity, Populations, Alleles, Castes, Hymenoptera, Sex, Polygyny, Asexual Reproduction, Reproduction, Genes, Genomes, Hybrids, Tissues, Hybrid, Alien