Institution: The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Dermatology Section (Medical Service), USA

Top Collaborators: Cruz PD, Chung JS, Tomihari M, Akiyoshi H, Bonkobara M, Yudate T, Shiue LH, Duvic M, Pandya A, Tamura K, Kojima T, Hollmig ST, Hwang SH

Research Interests: Cells, Syndecan, Syndecan-4, T Cells, Cell, Tyrosine, Mice, T-cell, Antigen, Heparan Sulfate, Human, Humans, Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan, Proteoglycan, Antigen Presenting Cells, Immunity, Cell Lines, Glycoprotein, Melanoma, Tnf-alpha