Archibald,Stephen J

Institution: The University of Hull, UK

Top Collaborators: Smith R, Pannecouque C, De Clercq E, Silversides JD, Hubin TJ, Nicholson G, Mackenzie G, Greenman J, Madden L, Huskens D, Mcrobbie G, Daelemans D, Mewis RE, Garcia CD, Ullom R, Cain AN, Maples DL, Freeman TN, Maples RD, Schols D

Research Interests: Copper, Hiv, X-ray, Gadolinium, Ligands, Nickel, Antibodies, Nature, Digestion, Dtpa, Gd-dtpa, Microcapsules, Plasma, Spores, Chelators, Cold, Goal, Half Life, Isotopes, Life