Aramini,James M

Institution: University of Texas at Austin, USA

Top Collaborators: Jaravine V, Vranken WF, Jonker HR, Vries SD, Krug RM, Kennedy MA, Vuister GW, Rosato A, Lange OF, Wu B, Arrowsmith C, Liu G, Yang Y, Bagaria A, Malliavin TE, Bonvin AM, Baker D, Mani R, Cavalli A, Doreleijers JF

Research Interests: Proteins, Antivirals, Drugs, Hemagglutinin, Influenza, Influenza A Viruses, Neuraminidase, Nucleoprotein, Oseltamivir, Pandemic, Viral Proteins, Viruses, Zanamivir, Computer, Computer Program, Distance, Magnetic, Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Proton
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