Institution: Department of Medical Oncology and INSERM Unit U981, Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

Top Collaborators: Delaloge S, Scott V, Arnedos M, Lazar V, Dieci MV, Mathieu MC, Goubar A, Job B, Richon C, Siret C, Mazouni C, Kesty NC, Soria JC, Zhang Y, Ly M, Passeron J, Valent A, Diallo G, Lacroix L, Schnabel CA

Research Interests: Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Disease, Patients, Tyrosine, Therapeutic, Cell, Cell Migration, Migration, Tumor, Cancers, Treatment, Chemotherapy, Research, Sensitivity, Risk, Diarrhea, Identification, Survival