Institution: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

Top Collaborators: Yangali-quintanilla V, Chen B, Nam SN, Krasner SW, Zhan T, Wei CH, Huang X, Ben Aim R, Yamamoto K, Valladares Linares R, Li Z, Li ZY, Valladares-linares R, Li Q, Westerhoff P, Rittmann BE, Kennedy MD, Abu-ghdaib M, De Schepper V, Nopens I

Research Interests: Water, Carbon, Membrane, Sodium, Concentration, Acids, Nitrogen, Rejection, Osmosis, Disinfection, Nitrification, Water Quality, Treatment, Filtration, Trihalomethanes, Membranes, Rejections, Ammonia, Drinking, Drinking Water