Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Top Collaborators: Brar GA, Monje-casas F, Chan LY, Brito IL, Goranov AI, Tang YC, Siegel JJ, Unal E, Ee LS, Sheltzer JM, Williams BR, Pfau SJ, Dephoure N, Rock JM, Weissman JS, Attner MA, González C, Gygi SP, Van Werven FJ, Tyers M

Research Interests: Yeast, Budding Yeast, Chromosome, Mitosis, Aneuploidy, Cell, Cancer, Aneuploid, Men, Cells, Chromosomes, Segregation, Cell Cycle, Kinase, Anaphase, Cell Division, Meiosis, Sister, Mother, Chromosome Segregation
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