Institution: Dept. of Medicine, 1530 3rd. Ave. South, LHRB 642, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35294-0007, USA

Top Collaborators: Balkovetz DF, Chumley P, Sheriff S, Ali M, Yahya A, Haider KH, Balasubramaniam A, Soleimani M, Barone S, Xu J, Shull GE, Siddiqui F, Zahedi K

Research Interests: Cells, Inhibition, Kidney, Calcium, Acidosis, Downregulation, Epithelial Cells, Metabolic Acidosis, mRNA, Permeability, PH, Proteins, Rats, Tight Junction, Transport Proteins, Zonula Occludens, AMP, Binding Sites, Breast, Breast Cancer