Institution: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Top Collaborators: Garber M, Raychowdhury R, Nusbaum C, Hacohen N, Regev A, Blecher-gonen R, Amann-zalcenstein D, Ram O, Robbins D, Anderson S, Yosef N, Cheng C, Macbeth A, Goren A, Gnirke A, Tzou A, Fisher S, Carneiro MO, Thielke A, Friedman N

Research Interests: Chromatin, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, DNA, Immunoprecipitation, Transcription Factors, Cost, Methods, Cell Differentiation, Dendritic Cells, Gene, Genes, Immediate-early Genes, Regulation, Cell, Cells, Cultured Cells, Elements, Genome, Libraries, Library