Aminoff,M J

Institution: From the Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging (C.P.H., A.C.A., N/A

Top Collaborators: Christine CW, Apple AC, Dillon WP, Starr PA, Larson PS, Eberling JL, Jagust WJ, Hawkins RA, Vanbrocklin HF, Wright JF, Bankiewicz KS, Gottwald MD, Dhand A, Hess CP

Research Interests: Disease, Parkinson Disease, Patients, Dopamine, Levodopa, Injection, Calcium, Syndrome, Gene, Human, Neurons, Primate, Time, Amantadine, Aspartate, D-aspartate, Dopa, Dopamine Agonists, Dyskinesias, Evaluation