Institution: University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, USA

Top Collaborators: Bonasia DE, Phisitkul P, Femino JE, Saltzman CL, Vaseenon T, Wolf BR, Barg A, Rossi R, Nickisch F, Beals TC, Hillis SL, Stolley MP, Anderson DD, Beitzel K, Mazzocca AD, Obopilwe E, Boyle JW, Mcwilliam J, Rincon L, Dhar Y

Research Interests: Ankle, Joint, Arthroscopy, Patients, Procedure, Treatment, Osteotomy, Pain, Literature, Ligament, Procedures, Knee, Patient, Osteoarthritis, Collateral Ligament, Graft, Knees, Transplantation, Distance, Hospital