Institution: Section of Behavioural Neurosciences, Department of Cell Biology and Neurosciences, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, 00161 Rome, Italy

Top Collaborators: Branchi I, Cirulli F, Francia N, Aloe L, Suomi SJ, Berry A, Santarelli S, Curley JP, Champagne FA, Reif A, Herterich S, Lesch KP, Barr CS, Ajmone-cat MA, Castrén E, Pèzzola A, Bindocci E, Potenza RL, Morgese MG, Cassano T

Research Interests: Brain, Mothers, Mice, Bdnf, Behavior, Adult, Environment, Depression, Role, Mouse, Weaning, Mother, Social Environment, Anxiety, Psychopathology, Maternal Behavior, Anhedonia, Corticosterone, Affect, Elisa