Allan,Bernard B

Institution: From the Departments of Structural Biology., N/A

Top Collaborators: Koth CM, Mukund S, Madjidi A, Clarke HJ, Chiang V, Luis E, Zhang Y, Hötzel I, Corn JE, Papkovsky DB, Kates L, Taylor CT, Kolumam G, Murray J, Murray JM, Minn A, Cocchiglia S, Wong T, Zhdanov AV, Tambuwala MM

Research Interests: Oxygen, Diseases, Glucagon, Glucagon Receptor, Inhibition, ATP, Biogenesis, Concentrations, Consumption, Electron, Electron Transport, Genes, Hypoxia, mRNA, Muscle, Muscle Cells, Oxygen Consumption, Peroxisome, Regulation, Skeletal Muscle