Institution: Geneva University Hospitals and University of Geneva Care Services Directorate, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Beauchet O, Herrmann FR, Annweiler C, Assal F, Kressig RW, Fantino B, Armand S, Allet L, Landis T, Lallart E, Jouvent R, Bridenbaugh S, Verghese J, Freiberger E, Montero-odasso M, Perez-diaz F, Lallart X

Research Interests: Gait, Time, Association, Patients, Adults, Walking, Imagery, Measure, Attention, Schizophrenia, Movements, Aged, Concentration, Concentrations, Cross-sectional Study, Serum, Vitamin, Vitamin D, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Hydrocephalus