Ali,Syed F

Institution: Neurochemistry Laboratory, Division of Neurotoxicology, National Center of Toxicological Research/Food and Drug Administration, Jefferson, Arkansas 72079, USA

Top Collaborators: Paule MG, Robinson BL, Newport GD, Slikker W, Schlager JJ, Hussain SM, Trickler WJ, Lantz SM, Murdock RC, Biris AS, Schrand AM, Binienda ZK, Oldenburg SJ, Trickler W, Watanabe F, Rahman MF, Ramírez-lee MA, Wang J, Patterson TA, Zhang Y

Research Interests: Silver, Nanoparticles, Brain, Mice, Time, Dopamine, Treatment, Genes, Oxidative Stress, Copper, Nanomaterials, Concentration, Concentrations, Blood, Blood-brain Barrier, Administration, Human, Adult, Mouse, Production