Institution: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, USA

Top Collaborators: Kastner DL, Booty MG, Ryan JG, Stone D, Chae JJ, Remmers EF, Barham B, Balow JE, Bulua A, Sun HW, Greene J, Masters SL, Goldbach-mansky R, Barron KS, Moir S, Holland SM, Kuhns DB, Long Priel DA, Ombrello A, Habal N

Research Interests: Disease, Gene, Laboratory, Mutation, Patients, Fevers, Genes, Patient, Familial Mediterranean Fever, Fever, Exon, Mutations, Phenotype, Diseases, Genetic Testing, Genotypes, Hereditary Recurrent Fevers, Identification, Immunity, Inheritance