Akova,Yonca A

Institution: Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey

Top Collaborators: Akkoyun I, Karabay G, Haberal N, Dagdeviren A, Yilmaz G, Oto S, Erkanli L, Altan-yaycioglu R, Canan H, Yilmaz S, Kiyici H, Karalezli A, Borazan M

Research Interests: Retinal, Familial Mediterranean Fever, Fever, Film, Patients, Tear, Cell, Cell Proliferation, Concentrations, Endothelial Cell, Injection, Intravitreal Injection, Mouse, Prematurity, Retinopathy Of Prematurity, Anterior Chamber, Anterior Uveitis, Cysts, Diagnosis, Distance