Institution: and Graduate Center/The City University of New York, USA

Top Collaborators: Pande V, Gupta SM, Patade VY, Berry M, Logan A, Grover A, Anandhan S, Pandey P, Negi PS, Vettukattil JJ, Salmon AP, Mohun T, Anderson RH, Vigneswara V, Benmokhtar F, Deng X, Arumugam M, Gu C, Kliakhandler K, Mcnulty D

Research Interests: Calcium, Water, Axons, Injury, Retinal, Potassium, Cold, Spinal Cord, Concentrations, Electrical Stimulation, Sciatic Nerve, Axon, Cell, Cells, Ganglion, Growth, Proteins, Regeneration, Gene, Genes