Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Top Collaborators: Weiner S, Shimoni E, Ziblat R, Li C, Siegel S, Fratzl P, Leiserowitz L, Gal A, Mahamid J, Aichmayer B, Paris O, Geblinger D, Geiger B, Rubin N, Goldschmidt-arzi M, Perugia E, Sabanay H, Wolf SG, Futerman AH, Klein E

Research Interests: Calcium, Behavior, Cells, Electron, Electron Microscopy, Microscopy, Organization, X-ray, X-ray Diffraction, Cholesterol, Calcium Carbonate, Bone, Calcite, Hydrogen, Nanospheres, Concentrations, Incidence, Membrane, Separation, Cystoliths
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