Adams,Timothy E

Institution: Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia

Top Collaborators: Xiao X, Greenall SA, Bentley JD, Pearce LA, Scoble JA, Sparrow LG, Bartone NA, Baxter RC, Cosgrove LJ, Epa VC, Dolezal O, Doughty L, Jost C, Plückthun A

Research Interests: Binding Proteins, Cancers, Insulin-like Growth Factor Ii, Proteins, Epidermal Growth Factor, Tyrosine, Factor Ii, Fibroblast, Humans, Igf-binding Proteins, Igf-i, Igf-i Receptor, Igf-ii, Igfbp, Igfbp-2, Igfbp-3, Igfbp-5, Insulin, Insulin Receptors, Isoforms