Adams,Ralf H

Institution: and University of Münster, Germany

Top Collaborators: Benedito R, Nakayama M, Pitulescu ME, Breier G, Clevers H, Kiefer F, Nakayama A, Rocha SF, Ehling M, Wang L, Bixel MG, Zeuschner D, Stehling M, Sävendahl L, Haigh JJ, Snippert H, Radtke F, Fauble VD, Casanovas O, Sproat LO

Research Interests: Blood, Mice, Tyrosine, Endothelial Cells, Kinase, Vegf, Blood Vessel, Blood Vessels, Cells, Endothelium, Tissue, Ligands, Cell, Retina, Retinal, Endothelial Cell, Ephrin-b2, Kinases, Endocytosis, Arteries