Institution: Department of Interventional Radiology, Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital, SE1 7EH, London, England

Top Collaborators: Sabharwal T, Katsanos K, Spiliopoulos S, Krokidis M, Gkoutzios P, Fotiadis N, Siablis D, Karnabatidis D, Brountzos E, Dourado R, Roy-choudhury S, Mellerio J, Dougenis D, John CM, Ramasamy R, Omer RA, Al Naqeeb G, Dinkel A, Al-nuaimi AH, Romig T

Research Interests: Treatment, Patients, Kidney, Knowledge, Magnetic, Magnetic Resonance, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Patient, Time, Tumor, Hospitals, Stent, Stents, Oxygen, Superoxide, Cancer, Carcinoma, Cell, Dialysis, Nephrectomy