Abrous,D N

Institution: INSERM U862, Neurocenter Magendie, Pathophysiology of Declarative Memory group, Bordeaux F33077, France

Top Collaborators: Koehl M, Piazza PV, Tronel S, Revest JM, Grosjean N, Fabre A, Belnoue L, Nogués X, Corsini MM, Marighetto A, Lemaire V, Le Moal M, Dugast E, Van Der Veen R, Dupret D, Gonzales D, Funk-reiter C, Charrier V, Oliet SH, Gage FH

Research Interests: Neurogenesis, Hippocampus, Learning, Neurons, Lead, Memory, Animals, Adult, Rats, Time, Long-term Memory, Newborn, Dentate Gyrus, Environment, Separation, Brain, Water, Adolescence, Adrenal Gland, Aged
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