Institution: Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Top Collaborators: Abramyuk A, Zöphel K, Wolf G, Appold S, Hietschold V, Baumann M, Tokalov S, Herrmann T, Koch A, Wolf T, Van Den Hoff J, Anjorin A, Posselt H, Smaczny C, Vogl TJ, Szluha Lazanyi K, Gillham C, Grobe H, Sommer M, Lazanyi KS

Research Interests: Patients, Cancer, Pet, Cell, Lung, Lung Cancer, Tumor, Beryllium, Radiation, Radiotherapy, Small Cell Lung Cancer, Tomography, Body Mass Index, Eye, Eye Lens, Lenses, Testes, Testicle, Time, X-ray
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